How much do you charge for an illustration?

This depends on size, media, complexity, amount of research required, time, etc. The cost for my work varies and must be negotiated between the client and myself. Starting price is no lower than $30.

Which style or medium do you prefer to work with?

Either Photoshop digitally or mixed media by hand.

I love to learn, so I don’t have a true preference. I will work in any style or medium that the client wants and I will have fun doing it, even if it means mixing in photography, clay, paper cut outs, oil paints, etc. I will literally do anything. I am a very quick learner and I know I can pick up any knew techniques quickly if it is required for a job. I do, however, avoid creating illustrations using Adobe Illustrator but if it is necessary for a project, I will use it without any objections.

What is your focus?

My focus is sequential art.

But I can provide original illustrations and designs for a wide variety of needs, ranging from any sort of concept work, pre-visual illustration and character design for animation and gaming to children’s illustration and interactive character design, mascot/logo designs, illustrations for posters and advertisements, art for personal use, layout design, inking and colouring for provided drawings, crafts and scrap-booking/odd jobs for artists, literally any and all work that requires an artist’s touch. I believe that the client and the artist are partners and must work together to satisfy the needs and expectations of all participants.

Is there anything you will not do?

I will not work for free and you should not expect me to.
I will not send the client work without my water marks on them until the end id requested when full payment is made.
I do not do pornographic content however, mature content that include suggestive/provocative illustrations are definitely ok! ! 100% nudity is not.
Currently, I am not offering caricature services.
Contact me if you are unsure if your request falls under these categories.

What is your illustration process?

My process changes with each project, however it contains more or less the same stages. Here is an easy 7 step guide on my process.

Step 1) Consultation: The first step is the meeting. The client and I will discuss (in person or via email) what the project is. We will talk about subject matter, estimated deadlines, copyright, end-usage, cost and any important factors that may be involved. This stage is very important because this is when the client and I make everything clear from the beginning of what our expectations will be during the time we work together. Once the discussion is over, a detailed contract that includes everything that was discussed is signed and a 30% deposit is put down.

Step 2) Research: This is the first step of my creative process. At this point, I gather reference materials that may be required for the project. This will grant me with inspiration, ideas, and leads to an effective start on the job. Depending on the project, the research step can take from a few hours to several days if research must involve heavy reading, travelling, or illustrative study.

Step 3) Thumbnails and Roughs: As an extension of the research step, I will create layout roughs, lists, thumbnails, doodles, take pictures, etc. At this step, I will have a very rough start to where I am going with the project.

Step 4) Roughs Consultation: At this point, the client is presented with all of my roughs and we discuss where the project is heading. At this stage, I wait for feedback and approval before moving on to the next step.

Step 5) Tighter Roughs: With granted approval, I will make revisions and create cleaner roughs.

Step 6) Third Consultation: I am now at the halfway point of my process. The client is provided with revised/clean roughs and I wait for approval to move on to the final work. This is the last chance for the client to make any sudden changes or alterations to the project. I may ask for another payment of 20% at this point.

Step 7) FINAL: With approval, I move on to creating the final piece of artwork. I may send process photos of the final to the client for their keepsake or personal pleasure. When it is complete, the final payment is made. Upon payment, I will send the illustration(s), digital files or any other attachments to the client depending on what was discussed in step 1.
If, for whatever reason, the client wants to make changes to the final, the changes are treated as a new project and all the steps are repeated.

How does a client pay you?

I prefer payments with cash, Paypal, and email transfer. If a client prefers a different method, we can discuss it.