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mj_card_back_preview Do you like art? Do you draw on your free time? Do
you buy art from artists? Are you a collector?

Everyone likes art of some kind, that’s what makes it
so great. It’s one of the few things in this world that
everyone can agree on. Some people like music,
movies, fashion, architecture… either way, these are
just sub-categories of art. You probably already know
this and, I promise, this blog post isn’t about cheesing up what art is. I want to share why I like art, and what art keeps me inspired as a freelancer. ~

To start with the obvious one; Disney. I know I am not the only person who’s been inspired by this team of brilliance, but I had to start with them. From one of their latest 3D masterpiece of Frozen, and going way back to some of their first traditional master piece, Snow White, I was always hugely inspired by the beautiful hand rendered settings as well as the well developed and believable characters.
Check out this example from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty singing Once Upon A Dream. In my opinion, this scene is one of the most beautiful forms of artwork in history. I adore the traditionally painted backgrounds, music and the flow in the details of the characters.
Also, an example of Disney’s perfection at character design, I insist that you watch their TV show, Gravity Falls. Characters Dipper and Mable are absolutely wonderfully designed for cartoons, and their characters are so lovable, I swear, no one could do better. Check out this animated short and meet them yourself. I promise, you will get sucked into the magic just as much as I have.

To continue, I can never ignore the beauty of Japanese Animation either, other wise known to the world as Anime. There’s plenty to appreciate from this art form, however, what drew me into anime were the creative story lines and the hugely exaggerated and flat expressions that have became iconic today. I’m sure you remember watching Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Yugioh back in the day, (all some of my favourites) but today, you wouldn’t believe the endless amounts of fantastic anime we have available today. Check out one of my favourites for story and art; Death Note!

The final inspiration that I would like to end with is the wonderful art that I find here on the web. For me, it’s completely unreasonable to ask me who my favourite artist is. That’s crazy, I’ll be here for hours, telling you about all the amazing talent that I’ve found in the comfort of my home. Some amazing talent that I have found is on . Check out some of my all time favourites here that I’ve been collecting over the last few days. Stunning, aren’t they? The amazing part is that some of this talent has drawn gifts for me in support of my work as well! You can see some of these gifts here.

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope it was a fun read for you!
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